S4A 1.6

Enhances the Arduino programming environment
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Add new elements and programming options to the environment managing the Arduino open source development projects. New blocks for working with sensors and actuators connected to Arduino are added along with a full set of customization opportunities. A report board is available.

S4A is an Integrated Development Environment designed to help users turn micro-controllers into products that can bring improvements to the world we are living in. The software relies more on visuals rather than code to create scripts and it must be mentioned that it requires a solid background into micro-controllers to fully use its capacities.

The installation process can be done by any user. Once you've started the program, you are welcomed by an intuitive and fun to use interface. The basic functions are properly displayed and they can be put into practice by simply dragging the actions to the work area. However, the buttons feel clunky and the text font is badly chosen.

The general feeling you get when working in S4A is fun. Still, though it may seem like a child's play when it comes to writing incorrect code things can become tricky.

The program works with Duemilanove, Uno and Arduino Diecimila boards. It allows 6 analog inputs, 2 digital inputs, 3 analog outputs, 3 digital outputs, and 4 special outputs.

More, it offers support for Scratch projects, but it doesn't allow users to open an S4A project within the original Scratch.

Overall, S4A is an Arduino IDE that it's best suited for users who want a fun alternative to the general coding process.

John Saunders
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  • Offers support for Scratch projects
  • Works with Duemilanove, Uno and Arduino Diecimila boards
  • Has a fun interface


  • The buttons feel clunky
  • Has a poor text font
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